'The man you support is a pig': Olbermann rips conservative pastors who continue to back Trump after DACA decision
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Long-time broadcaster Keith Olbermann demanded that conservative clergy of color apologize for supporting President Donald Trump.

"You Republicans and Trump supporters -- especially those of you who are you ourselves of color -- must atone," Olbermann charged. "You must atone not only because the man you support is a pig and you must now do what is right but you must also do so in self-defense because you are next!"

"You conservative black pastors and you right-wing Hispanic leaders who still support Trump and these racists today -- you will find yourselves the victims of Trump and these racists tomorrow," Olbermann predicted.

President Trump's decision to rescind DACA has illuminated the two types of Trump supporters today.

"With DACA, the awful truth is fully and finally upon us: there are two kinds of Trump supporters today," Olbermann suggested.

"There are the racists who hate Mexicans and all Hispanics and blacks and women who think the playing field has somehow been tilted against white men for half-century and have sold this hateful bill of goods to those in this society who have failed and are looking for anybody to blame," Olbermann said.

Olbermann suggested that the racists are not the worst of President Trump's supporters.

"And then there are those other Trump supporters who do not have these vile hatreds in their blackened souls, but who are still willing to exploit and embrace those who do and they are worse than the racists because to them this is an opportunity for power," Olbermann concluded.

"And on the existential subject of right and wrong, they don't care," Olbermann added. "Well the time has come where you have to care, the sides are being chosen now."