'The president failed miserably': Latino GOPer crushes Trump for throwing Dreamer lives into chaos
Alfonso Aguilar speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Alfonso Aguilar, the president of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, tore into President Donald Trump on Tuesday for throwing the lives of undocumented immigrants into chaos without having any concrete plans for a long-term fix.

Reacting to the president's decision to rescind protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country by their parents as children, Aguilar said it was yet another example of Trump's failed leadership.

"This is a pretty horrible announcement," he said bluntly. "It's insulting and sad. If the goal of the President of the United States is to deal with 'heart,' as he said, with DACA recipients, then the president failed miserably."

Aguilar then explained that while he understood many objections to how former President Barack Obama created and implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, he did not think Trump should just scrap the program entirely on the hopes that Congress will be able to pass a permanent fix.

"I understand if you have a problem with the constitutionality of how DACA was created," he said. "It wasn't constitutional. I agree with that. If you care about them, the president should make a commitment to support permanent status to DACA recipients and ensure that Congress passes legislation. It's not enough to punt to congress and say it's your responsibility, it's a legislative responsibility."

Watch the video below.

'A horrible announcement': Latino GOPer shreds... by sarahburris