'The worst negotiator since Daffy Duck': Meyers skewers Trump over who will pay for the wall
President Donald Trump (left, via AFP) and "Looney Tunes" character Daffy Duck (right).

President Donald Trump has tried to broker so many deals to fund his campaign-promised border wall, it's starting to get cartoonish, Late Night's Seth Meyers argued on Thursday night.

"Trump initially promised that Mexico would pay for the wall," Meyers began. "Then he said Congress would pay for the wall. Then said he would trade DACA to pay for the wall. And now he's trading DACA, and no one's paying for the wall."

The trajectory of the wall's funding, the host argued, sounds a lot like the famous old "duck season-rabbit season" bit from Looney Tunes.

"He might be the worst negotiator since Daffy Duck," Meyers quipped.

In the clip, Daffy Duck and Buggs Bunny are seen arguing about whether or not it's duck season or rabbit season, and Buggs uses classic reverse psychology on his aviary enemy.

"Duck season," Buggs declares, pointing Elmer Fudd's gun at the duck.

"Wabbit season," the speech-impedimented Daffy replies, pointing it back to the rabbit.

"Wabbit season," Buggs responds, circling the gun to point it back at him and trick Daffy.

"Duck season, fire!" the duck says, causing Fudd to shoot him.

Watch Meyers' entire "Closer Look" at Trump's many DACA and wall pivots below.