‘This is not our America’: Hispanic CEO quits Trump’s diversity council
Javier Palomarez, of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Photo: Screen capture)

During an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Javier Palomarez, of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, threatened to leave President Donald Trump’s Diversity Council on Monday and now he’s officially done it.

Following an announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions about ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Palomarez told HLN.

“I officially resign from that council, effective immediately,” he said. “There is no letter. This is it. This is the resignation.”

He also noted that he isn't sure why Trump "punted" to Sessions instead of being brave enough to make the announcement himself.

“These are exactly the kind of young people we need in America, and we have a President that committed to taking care of them, and in fact said he would focus his energy on removing criminals,” Palomarez told host Carol Costello.

He went on to say that Trump lied to the American people and to the Dreamers he swore he would "take care of." Trump also assured the Latino community he'd focus on "criminals" and Palomarez commented that the rigorous process through which a young person enters DACA bars them from being a "criminal."

"This is not our America," he closed.

Watch the full interview below:

'This is not our America': Hispanic CEO quits... by sarahburris

Earlier interview on CNN:

Hispanic CEO quits White House Diversity... by sarahburris