WATCH: Historian makes the case Gen. Kelly and Jeff Sessions are only putting up Trump for one reason
Historian Douglas Brinkley (Photo: Screen capture)

Historian Douglas Brinkley thinks that chief of staff Gen. John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are taking the foul attacks from President Donald Trump out of a sense of duty.

Barbara Res, author "All Alone on the 68th Floor," explained that this sort of berating of staffers has been the way the president has behaved most of his life in business.

"This is a man who was raised in this kind of environment," said Trump biographer Michael D'Antonino. "There are stories of his brother treating people this way at his casinos in Atlantic City. It is something that's familiar to him. I am not sure if there is anyone around who would have said no to him as forcefully as Barbara did. If you can beat everybody up, you start to think everyone is a punching bag. In Washington, people have their own sources of power. I don't know if Gen. Kelly is going to stand for much of this. I am surprised that Attorney General Sessions did."

Lemon said that he was surprised by Sessions as well but was outright shocked that Kelly stayed.

Historian Douglas Brinkley said that he thought the men stayed out of duty.

"Gen. Kelly is staying in as is Jeff Sessions thinking that they owe it to the country and not just serving Donald Trump but America," Brinkley said. "If people like Sessions and Kelly resigns, it is going to leave a big void and you will be left with Donald Trump running amok."

When it comes to the strange friendship Trump has formed with Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the panel agreed it was like something out of high school.

"He will go with one person and when they did something he did not like, he will go to their opposite side, which is set up to be kind of opposing people and promoting the other person," said Res.

"It is high school," noted D'Antonino. "The crazy thing is, where is the chaos coming from? It's coming from the president himself. He picked a group of friends that came along with him and he decided he did not like them and now he found Chuck and Nancy, they're going to be his cool friends now. The group that he has rejected, the Republicans have subpoena powers on the committee investigating him. It does not seem very bright to me."

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