WATCH: Maher says Trump 'isn't being bipartisan -- he's being bipolar'
Bill Maher (Photo: RealTime/Twitter)

Bill Maher is deeply concerned about President Donald Trump's twists, turns, flips and flops on major policy decisions.

"We've weathered Harvey and Irma, but now we've got Sh*tstorm Donald," Maher began Friday's episode of HBO's Real Time.

When it came to the controversial meeting that Trump had with Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Maher explained that it seemed like Trump was all over the place.

"This week Trump wined and dined Schumer and Pelosi. Well, they dined -- he whined," Maher joked.

He "announced a breakthrough on immigration," Maher recalled. "The DREAMers can stay, and by that he means they can't stay. Or maybe they can stay, ask somebody else. He wants them to stay. And by that he means, 'get out.' And we're building a wall and by that he means we're repairing the fence. I mean, he thinks he's being bipartisan. This isn't being bipartisan this is being bipolar."

Trump's closest allies have been irate since the meeting. Whether Breitbart or Ann Coulter - everyone is furious.

"They're burning their 'Make America Great Again' hats, which is disturbing because it means they've discovered fire," Maher joked. He added that it means they'll likely discover tools next.

Watch the opener below:

WATCH: Bill Maher says Trump 'isn't being... by sarahburris