WATCH: Prank call targeting Joel Osteen's prayer hotline quickly descends into hilarious absurdity
Justin Roiland taping the H3 Podcast.

An attempted prank call to Joel Osteen's prayer hotline by the creator of "Rick and Morty" went awry when the operator began speaking in tongues.

Justin Roiland was in studio for the H3 Podcast when he decided to prank megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, who has received blistering criticism for initially refusing to open his church to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"I need to talk to Joel Osteen, it's a very important message, I have lots of money right now," Roiland stated. "I have over $87,000 and I am ready...sorry I $83,897 right now for Joel Osteen and I'm ready to pray. Let's pray together."

"Call back tomorrow," the prayer line operator responded.

"How much do you get paid to answer the prayer line?" Roiland asked.

That's when the conversation rapidly deteriorated, as the operator began speaking gibberish.

"Did you just talk in tongues?" Roiland asked. "Is that Klingon, are you talking in Klingon? Is that baby-talk?"

"What does any of this mean, I'm confused?" Roiland asked.

"If I were translate this, would it be like, heh, 'don't let people into the building during a flood because we don't want their dirty footsteps walking on our nice carpets?" Roiland asked.

When Roiland began mocking the gibberish spoken by the operator, she began to laugh heartily.

"You're laughing at it because you know it's funny because it's ridiculous," Roiland noted. "That's why you're laughing right now."

"I just made you laugh at your own ridiculousness," Roiland explained.

Watch the hilarious segment: