‘Cruz and porn could drive me to celibacy: 'The View' ridicules GOP senator’s late-night porn tweet
Joy Behar (Photo: Screen capture)

The women of "The View" couldn't help but laugh at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his strange affinity for the dirty bits of Twitter.

Late Tuesday, Cruz's account clicked that it liked a pornographic video on Twitter. His spokesperson was quick to say after 2 a.m. that it has been reported and they're looking into whether Cruz was hacked. His second excuse was that it was a "staffing issue." However, "The View" women aren't buying it.

"Just the words Cruz and porn could drive me into celibacy," co-host Joy Behar joked.

Sara Haines argued hackers don't break in and randomly like a single pornographic video and then bail. They break into accounts and do all sorts of mischief. The civic hacker group Anonymous famously has taken over accounts that mocked the values the account or group purported to endorse. Cruz's account liked a single video.

To make matters worse, Cruz's former college roommate blasted him even further on Twitter. The women explained it is one of the best reasons to stay on the good side of your former roommates.

Given Cruz's background opposing any sort of sexuality, it turned the woman to wonder what it was about. Behar read a statement from Cruz's previous opposition to sex toys in 2007.

There is “no substantive due process right to stimulate one’s genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to procreation,” Cruz said as Texas’ solicitor general.

"He said that?!" exclaimed co-host Sunny Hostin.

"Well, see, when you pent up it explodes," Haines noted.

Jedediah Bila cited a case in which Cruz was forced to pull an attack ad from the 2016 campaign because it starred an actress known for doing pornographic films. She explained that he has a long history of opposing this and that was the reason many jumped on the hilarious hypocrisy.

Watch the takedown below:

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