WATCH: 'The View' panel freaks out over the 'alien' vein on 'President Bannon's' face
"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin and Steve Bannon (Photo: Screen captures)

Many of the women on "The View" found former White House senior aide Steve Bannon's Sunday interview on "60 Minutes" to be terrifying and odd.

Announcing the segment, co-host Whoopi Goldberg called him "President Bannon" and played the segment of the interview in which the former insider called the firing of FBI director James Comey the worst mistake in history.

"Well, first, [Donald] Trump as president is the worst political mistake in American history," co-host Joy Behar nailed.

Co-Host Sarah Haines noted that Bannon kept repeating over and over that the Russia investigation was "such crap" but that if he's calling Comey's firing a mistake the two are a contradiction.

Conservative host Jedediah Bila agreed, saying that if there was nothing to Russia, Trump would be willing to open everything, be transparent, tell everything he knows and allow for whatever investigations were necessary. Instead, he's obfuscated at every turn.

"I know that you know Steve Bannon, but I found him to be very scary," said co-host Sunny Hostin. "It was spooky and then he had this thing like a thing that kept coming out of his face! Did you see that? It was a big vein and it was pulsating almost like an alien that like comes out of somebody's face. And that was going on and some of the things -- he's clearly a conspiracy theorist."

She went on to cite Bannon's theory about the Catholic church supporting things like DACA and immigration because he claimed the church needs people in pews. Bannon did not note in the "60 Minutes" interview, however, that Catholic churches exist outside of the United States.

"It's Catholic doctrine to take in strangers and to take care of your sick and your poor," Hostin explained. "He was almost soulless in a way."

"You're acting like this is a surprise to you," Goldberg cut in.

"But to see it with the vein coming out," Hostin repeated, gesturing with her hand against her face. "I was shocked at the scariness."

"This is no different than other stuff that he's said," Goldberg explained. "This is who he's been the whole time!"

Hostin maintained she'd never seen him with the alien vein but Goldberg claimed people saw him, they simply "didn't believe what they saw."

Watch the video below:

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