'Why did we elect such a president?': Russian state TV mocks Trump for being Putin's 'baby'
President Donald Trump (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

Even the Russians are getting in on the Trump-bashing train.

According to journalist Julia Davis, a Russian politician and host blasted President Donald Trump on Russian state TV -- and even poked fun at suspicions that he works at the behest of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

"US doesn't have an adequate President, just an elderly, barely competent, nervously weary, fussy showman," Davis tweeted, translating the broadcast from Russian.

"So why did we elect such a President?" the host replied, to audience applause.

"Trump is a political infant, who is being severely swaddled," the host continued, to which a female host replied, "and placed into geopolitical coffin."

Read Davis' tweets translating the state TV broadcast below.