Woman with Down syndrome files complaint after cops call her a 'disfigured half-person' during stop
Francie Munoz, who was insulted by Toronto police officers over her appearance (Screen cap).

A woman with Down syndrome has filed a complaint against two Toronto police officers after they mocked her for being "disfigured" and a "half-person" during a traffic stop last year.

CBC reports that 29-year-old Francie Munoz has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario over the ridicule she endured from Toronto Police Const. Sasa Sljivo and Const. Matthew Saris this past November. An audio recording of the two officers showed that they laughed about her appearance and said she only counted as "half" of a person.

The officers gave Munoz and her family a written apology in which they admitted to a "lapse in judgment" in mocking her. However, they have so far refused to publicly apologize to her, as the family has asked them to do multiple times.

In their complaint, the family also said that the officers refused to make eye contact with Munoz at their disciplinary hearing.

"At no point did the officers greet or look at the applicant, let alone make any effort to say words of apology or regret," the complaint states. "Being ignored by the officers when they had the opportunity to say or do something deepened the applicant's feeling of injury."

The officers are scheduled to appear at another disciplinary hearing next month.