'Worse than I thought he would be': Watch Hillary Clinton lambaste Trump in Joy Reid interview
Hillary Clinton is author of the new book "What Happened" (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing in MSNBC's AM Joy, former Secrretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted rival Donald Trump, saying his presidency is worse than she expected it to be.

"I really had such deep doubts about his preparation, his temperament, his character, his experience, but he's been even worse than I thought he would be," Clinton explained to host Joy Reid.

'I thought and I tried in my concession speech to make clear that we should all give him the space to be president for every American. That's what we want from our presidents, regardless of our partisan differences, we want to feel like the person in the oval office really cares about and is looking after everybody," Clinton added

"And that just hasn't turned out to be the case, starting with our Inauguration which is how I opened the book talking about how excruciating it was to go and what a missed opportunity for him because all he did was reinforce the dark, divisive image of America that he'd been feeding to his supporters," she concluded.

Watch the video below via Twitter: