Millions fled Florida at the end of this week, fearing they wouldn't survive the powerful hurricane predicted to bring storm surges from six to 15 feet. But those that stayed, either due to financial restrictions or out of sheer gumption, are telling President Donald Trump he should open up his private club as a shelter.

Thousands who stayed behind to face Hurricane Irma are flooding into shelters, and according to The News-Press, some county shelters are already full. That's why many in South Florida are wondering why the president isn't stepping in to help, The Independent reported Saturday.

“Of course he should" Florida resident Rick Castillo said about Trump opening Mar-a-Lago.

Filmmaker Michael Moore asked the question Friday, but some Floridians are wondering, as the wind and rains grow stronger, if the president will help.

“He should be doing anything to help the public,” Castillo said of Trump. “When people need help, you either help or you turn your head. I think Trump is turning his head.”

Another Floridian was in tears while sitting in a courtyard outside of a school. She was given food and two phone numbers for shelters she can go to. Neither number had anyone answering the phone.

“I have nowhere to go,” Little said. She came to Florida on vacation, but now is stranded. “I’m not even from here.”

Luckily The Independent was able to find a Red Cross volunteer who could help her.