'Be patient, Jews come last': Teen subject to anti-Semitism in neighborhood with bigoted history
Hasidic Jewish people standing on a street. Image via Shutterstock.

An employee at a shop in a neighborhood known for its large Hasidic Jewish population (and bigoted backlash against them) allegedly told a 16-year-old girl to "be patient, Jews come last."

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and British watchdog group Campaign Against Antisemitism, the young woman in Northeast London's Stamford Hill was at a shop interacting with an employee when the woman serving her abruptly began serving another customer. When the teen asked her for her receipt so she could leave, the woman made the aforementioned anti-Semitic epithet.

In recent months, Stamford Hill has been the site of anti-Semitic attacks in recent months. According to the Stamford Hill Shomrim, a community watchdog group, bigots have taken to hurling slurs and Holocaust epithets at the neighborhood's Jewish residents, often resulting in violence.

In August, a man threw a glass bottle at another group of young girls, ranging in age from 7 to 16, and told them "Hitler is a good man, good he killed the Jews." In a July attack, a couple punched and kicked residents while shouting "Dogs stay here [in] England, you Jews go away."

Earlier on Tuesday, the Campaign Against Antisemitism also reported that a man stopped his car outside of a Stamford Hill Jewish school and shouted "f*cking Jews" at children.