‘Do not make light of that evil’: Scaramucci Post shredded for poll pandering to Holocaust deniers
Anthony Scaramucci on Colbert (Screen Capture)

Former communications director Anthony Scaramucci seems to have started his own news outlet called The Scaramucci Post. This morning its Twitter account is polling social media users to see how many Jews they believe were killed in the Holocaust.

[caption id="attachment_1143727" align="aligncenter" width="419"] Scaramucci Post tweet[/caption]

The internet was ablaze with accusations of anti-Semitism for asking an "opinion" about an actual fact. Many accused the tweet of pandering to Holocaust deniers. Scaramucci has not yet retweeted the poll or released a statement. The account says that it is run by Lance Laifer, a hedge fund manager and former Internet entrepreneur.

As of publication of this story 15 percent of those taking the poll seem to be Holocaust deniers and 23 people clicked "favorite" on the poll.

You can see the responses below: