Don Jr. can't stop talking about Hollywood sexual assault -- but won't address similar allegations against his dad
Donald Trump Jr (Youtube)

On Thursday night, Donald Trump, Jr. took to social media to condemn disgraced ex-film producer Harvey Weinstein for his mounting allegations of sexual assault, abuse and harassment.

"Ahhh Hollywood, our moral authority. What would we do without their guidance?" the eldest son of President Donald Trump tweeted, linking to a TMZ article that claimed Weinstein's contract allowed for sexual assault.

It's not the first time since the allegations about Weinstein came to light that the president's eldest son tweeted about the scandal -- and as many have pointed out it, it's hypocritical in light of the many allegations against his own father.

Though the White House and Trump have avoided publicly addressing Weinstein, many in the GOP have criticized the producer and liberals like Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama who he knew and donated to.

One outside adviser to Trump anonymous acknowledged that doing so while accusations against the president himself are still out there is "stupid" and "shameless."