Lockdown lifted at Howard University after police find no signs of a gunman
Police crime scene tape at shooting incident (Shutterstock.com)

Police lifted a lockdown at Howard University after receiving a report of a shooting. Police found no signs of a gunman on the campus.

The Washington DC Police Department had said that, while it was investigating reports of a shooter, nothing so far had been officially confirmed. Nonetheless, the school's administrative building was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Howard University said that it called police when it received an anonymous call warning them of a potential shooter on campus. The university also said that police were going through every building going door to door.

Howard, a historically black university, made headlines last week when its football team's cheerleaders knelt during the national anthem in solidarity with other athletes who have taken a knee during sporting events to protest against police violence against black communities.

Howard is also celebrating its 150th anniversary and homecoming this week.

Watch live feeds of NBC 4 Washington's and WUSA 9's news coverage below.