'Messed-up' man wanders away from Halloween party and terrorizes family with Virgin Mary statue
Shawn Brittain

An Oklahoma man was arrested after he left a Halloween party and terrified a family with religious symbols.

Police said a bloodied and partially clothed Shawn Brittain walked into an Oklahoma City family's home about 4 a.m. Sunday and laid down on top of a 7-year-old boy, reported KFOR-TV.

“He looked really messed up," said the boy's sister, 21, who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons. "He had like blood right here on his face, and a cut on his arm and like another cut in his arm like he had injected himself with something. He had shorts, and he was barefoot."

The family had left their door unlocked for a relative they expected to return.

The boy's mother pulled the 21-year-old Brittain off her son, and the man then picked up a Virgin Mary statue.

He waved the statue like a weapon and made satanic references and talked about "being in another world," the sister said.

“He just started talking about, like, 666," she said.

Brittain then asked the woman for a knife so he could kill them all, but then he changed his mind and instead asked them to hug him.

After police arrived, a friend pulled up in a car and said Brittain had been with a group at a party but wandered away and went missing for several hours.

They had previously located Brittain, but the friend said he jumped out of the car and ended up at the victims' home.

Brittain was charged with burglary and remains in custody at the Oklahoma County Jail.