REVEALED: The Christian Right plans to use progressive politics to ‘divide and conquer’ the LGBT movement
Sad gay man (Shutterstock)

The religious right's latest attempt to pass their ideology into the mainstream has taken a new turn.

During the mid-October conservative evangelical Value Voters summit, a meeting of anti-LGBT hate groups attended by President Donald Trump, panelists opposed to transgender rights proposed they make anti-trans policies appear "progressive" and even "feminist."

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, this strategy is "meant to weaken transgender rights advocates by attempting to separate them from their allies, feminists and LGBT rights advocates."

The "Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back" panel at VV was presented by two women in Fairfax County, Virginia who led the opposition to their school board's"gender identity" non-discrimination policy in 2015. Presenter Meg Kilgannon, who is  the executive director of the anti-LGBT group Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County, said anti-trans activists should "divide and conquer" to defeat what she considers "totalitarian" non-discrimination policies.