Jon Stewart reflects on Trump's election: 'We put our d*ck in the toaster and are waiting to see what happens'
Jon Stewart (Photo: Comedy Central screen capture)

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Tuesday appeared before a crowd in New York City at the 11th annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit, asking his audience to bring him up to speed after he “blacked out” during last year’s election.

“What happened?” Stewart asked, according to the Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein. “Did my candidate win?”

Reflecting on Donald Trump’s election upset and the chaotic year that’s transpired since, Stewart admitted while he understand “the people that felt like the forgotten man” or who connected with Trump because “this guy talks straight talk,” what he really doesn’t get are the people who voted for Trump after supporting Barack Obama.

Mimicking the Obama-Trump voters, Stewart joked:

“You know who I want to vote for is that very staid, professorial gentleman from Kenyan birth who has an articulate sense and is a bit standoffish, that’s the guy that I really love. But since he’s not running this year, I’m gonna check out the ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ candidate.”

“How do you even get there?” Stewart asked, later adding he thinks our country is in a place where “we put our d*ck in the toaster and we’re all waiting to see what happens.”

“What the f*ck, man?” Stewart asked.

The comedian lamented the uprising of white supremacists, admitting he’s “freaked … the f*ck out” by neo-Nazis marching through Charlottesville. He also torched the president and his administration’s oft-repeated “both sides” argument:

“Yeah, it’s called the Allied powers and the Axis powers. Pretty sure we used to be with the Allied powers.”

Joking about those in Charlottesville who chanted “Jews will not replace us,” Stewart noted it’s “pretty easy to say in August.”

“But wait ‘til Christmas time when you need someone to fill in your shift at Pizzeria Uno,” he added.