Additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson recovered from Niger
Sgt. La David Johnson -- GoFundMe page

CNN reported Tuesday that the Pentagon found additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson's body in Niger and have confirmed that they are his remains.

When Johnson's widow received his body, she was told that the casket must remain closed. She begged officials to allow her to see something,b telling the press that she was even willing to see "a finger." She explained that she knew every inch of him and wanted to see something that was left. The Pentagon advised against it.

CNN's Barbara Starr learned the reason for that was that his remains were not all given to Mrs. Johnson. Starr also noted that there were unconfirmed reports Johnson's hands were tied, but CNN has been unable to confirm the report from the Pentagon.

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) has demanded an investigation into why it took more than 48 hours to find his body.

Johnson was one of four soldiers killed in Niger. His name became known when President Donald Trump bungled the phone call to his family.

Watch Starr's full report below: