Air Force Academy cadet admits to writing racist graffiti outside his own dorm room
Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy (Screengrab)

One of the black Air Force cadets targeted by racist vandalism has admitted to writing the slurs on the dormitory message boards.

A spokesman for the Air Force Academy said the cadet candidate was no longer a student at the preparatory school, reported the Air Force Times.

The racial slurs were discovered outside the dorm rooms of the black cadet candidates in late September, and academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria strongly denounced the vandalism in an address to cadets and academy personnel.

Video of Silveria’s speech, which called for racists to leave the service branch, went viral.

“Just in case you‘re unclear about where I stand on this topic ... if you can’t treat someone from another race or a different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out,” Silveria said.

The Air Force Academy said its investigation of the vandalism incident was complete, and no additional details were released.