Steve Bannon's protégée Julia Hahn was once "special assistant to the president," handling immigration issues along with her former supervisor. But since Bannon’s exit from the White House, Hahn begged to be transferred to the communications team -- and it isn't working out well.

The Daily Beast reported Monday that Hahn was moved to be a kind of right-wing news wrangler, a position that should have been perfect for the former Breitbart News staffer. A flood of interviews with President Donald Trump flowed in from right-wing radio hosts and Fox News shows.

“There have been meetings and outreach to right-of-center news organizations like…The Washington Free Beacon, The [Daily] Caller, [and] Breitbart News,” one White House official said about Hahn’s new job.

“Given her background, it made sense to have her do this type of media outreach for [the White House],” another West Wing adviser said.

She's still working with Stephen Miller, whose goal has been to put things in GOP legislation that would make Democrats vote against it. Whether sticking an abortion ban into a budget or Miller's pet project, attacking DREAMers, the young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children who've never known their birth country. Whatever it is, Miller wants Democrats to vote against the legislation, which has prevented Trump from passing any meaningful legislation while the GOP is fractured.

Miller and Hahn have been working with right-wing outlets in an attempt to find whether they support any deals with Democrats at all. They're not finding it, which puts the Trump administration in a difficult position as they desperately strive to pass some kind of meaningful legislation. While Trump has passed a slew of small bills, proclamations and minor measures, all of his "on day one" promises have failed. If they want to have a success, their only option is to make a deal with Democrats, something the right-wing media isn't open to.

One source told the Daily Beast Hahn and Miller approached Breitbart, which Bannon took over as chairman after leaving the White House. The pitch was finally having a bipartisan immigration deal, but it didn't fund Trump's wall. Thus, the policy went over "incredibly poorly," the source explained. If they attempted to pull away from the promise of the border wall, Breitbart would "wage war" against the policy.

“It’s time [Republicans in Congress] finally understood something: If there is amnesty, they’re going to get blown out,” Bannon told The Remembrance Project, a far-right nonprofit that opposes undocumented immigrants. “We have fought this for years and years and years and years. The American people, and particularly folks in the Republican Party and the conservative movement, have said in no uncertain terms, there will be no amnesty and there will be no path to citizenship.”

But while, Hahn has done a lot of work to sell her mentor the policy, other right-wing outlets haven't heard from her. The editor of RedState said he hasn't heard "a peep" from the White House. Leon Wolf, the managing editor of Glenn Beck's The Blaze, said he has “not heard from her personally, and I’m not aware that anyone on my team has.” Jim Hoft, the owner of pro-Trump website The Gateway Pundit said that he has not “heard a thing from Julia in months.”

It's left many in the far-right media miffed at the snub and frustrated with the White House.

“We have tried to do several interviews [with the president and senior White House officials] and it has been ridiculously difficult,” a senior staffer at one of the conservative news outlet said.