Bundy backer flees to Mexico ahead of court date for harassing and obstructing cop on video
Gavin Seim (Facebook)

A right-wing activist has apparently fled the U.S. for Mexico ahead of a court appearance related to his latest arrest.

Gavin Seim, a blogger who has run for U.S. Congress, was arrested Aug. 17 and charged with harassment and obstruction of a law enforcement officer, reported the Columbian Basin Herald.

Prosecutors have filed a motion seeking a court order to make Seim unlock the password-protected cell phone seized when he was arrested a Walmart in Ephrata, where an officer said the blogger pestered and threatened him during a traffic stop.

Seim has argued the phone was seized unjustly and without probable cause, but a judge has disagreed.

He disputes the charges against him as "fake" and "malicious," saying Officer Patrick Canady arrested him as vengeance for the pair's previous disputes -- which Seim recorded on video and posted online.

Seim admitted in a Nov. 9 video that he purposefully missed a court date this month because he feared for his safety in the courtroom.

He's been arrested for disrupting court proceedings in the past.

Seim has posted a series of videos starting Friday claiming that he has gone to Mexico, although he insists he's not fleeing from the court case.

“It’s funny because there is people out there saying ‘oh Gavin’s a coward,’ ‘Gavin ran, you know, from justice’" Seim says in one video. "And I’m like, no I didn’t run from law or justice. (Deputy) Prosecutor Marc (Fedorak) has nothing to do with either one and neither does the judge and neither does Grant County, neither does my sheriff. I’m not hiding. I’m changing the narrative."

Seim is scheduled to stand trial Dec. 8, and prosecutors did not comment on the legal ramifications of his so-called "winter road trip."

He's currently free on $2,000 bond.

Seim streamed video of former Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas)’s efforts to get the final holdouts to surrender at an Oregon wildlife refuge where militants led by Ryan and Ammon Bundy occupied publicly owned land for nearly a month in January 2016.