BUSTED: Court documents reveal Roy Moore's lawyer blatantly lied about accuser's divorce
Roy Moore (Screen cap).

Roy Moore's attorney, Phillip Jauregui, said on Wednesday that one of Moore's accusers lacked credibility because she claimed to have not had any contact with Moore since he allegedly assaulted her -- despite the fact that in 1999 she had a divorce hearing that was scheduled to be overheard by Moore, who at the time was the circuit judge of Etowah County.

However, ThinkProgress has obtained documents showing that, in fact, accuser Beverly Young Nelson did not have contact with Moore at the time because the scheduled hearing was canceled.

"In June, before the scheduled hearing was set to take place, [Nelson] filed for a motion to 'continue' (delay) the hearing because she and her husband 'are going to counseling and are attempting to reconcile,'" writes ThinkProgress. "A month later, she filed a motion to dismiss the case. That appears to be the only document Moore signed, and given there was no hearing, there is no reason the divorce action would have required her to enter the courthouse or have contact with Moore."

Jauregui had said the scheduled hearing was proof that "there was contact" between Nelson and Moore, but these documents show that was not the case.

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