Carter Page told top Trump campaign officials about his July 2016 trip to Russia: testimony
Carter Page (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page sought permission from campaign officials for a July 2016 trip to Moscow and reported the trip to the campaign upon his return, according to his 243-page testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

Page’s trip to Moscow has previously been disclosed, but in testimony before the House intel committee last week, the former adviser informed congressional investigators he had notified former campaign manager Corey Lewnadowski and White House communications director Hope Hicks of his travel to Russia. It had previously been reported he testified to telling Jeff Sessions of his trip.

In an email to Trump campaign official JD Gordon, disclosed during the House intel committee hearing, Page insisted he gained “some incredible insights” after meeting with “Russian legislators.”

In a statement, House intel committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Page was “forced to acknowledge” he communicated with high ranking Russian officials, despite previously casting the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt.”

“Page—after being presented with an email he sent to his campaign supervisors, and which he did not disclose to the committee prior to the interview and despite a subpoena from the Committee detailed his meetings with Russian government officials and others, and said that they provided him with insights and outreach that he was interested in sharing with the campaign,” Schiff said in a statement.

“During many public appearances prior to his November 2, 2017 testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in open session, Carter Page characterized his July 2016 trip to Russia as a private one in which his interactions with Russian individuals were largely confined to the 'man on the street,’” Schiff said. "In his testimony, however, he was forced to acknowledge that he communicated with high level Russian officials while in Moscow, including one of Russia’s Deputy Prime Ministers. He also admitted notifying the fact of his meetings to his campaign supervisors.”