Fox News host Brit Hume blasted for praising Mike Pence for refusing to be around women
Fox News analyst Brit Hume (Photo: Screen capture)

Fox News host Brit Hume appeared to blame sexual harassment and sexual assault accusers instead of men who commit the acts themselves.

"Mike Pence’s policy of avoiding being alone with women other than his wife looking better every day, though widely mocked when it first became known," Hume wrote.

Mike Pence refuses to be alone with another woman without his wife present. Pence also is known for calling his wife "mother."

It is frequently pointed out by advocates against sexual assault and sexual harassment that male behavior is excused by actions women take. Women wearing short skirts or revealing clothing, for example, are said to be asking for it when raped. Male behavior is ignored with phrases like "boys will be boys." Similarly, Hume's take that men can't stop themselves from harassment or rape and thus must never be alone with a woman as Vice President Mike Pence does, is another in a long line of rationalizations.

Hume was quickly blasted by followers explaining that men should be required to control themselves around women.