'Israeli closest to Trump' warns that Holocaust misinformation is coming from 'leftist Jewish media'
Polish Holocaust activist Jonny Daniels (image via Daniels' Twitter).

Jonny Daniels, an Israeli PR professional born in the UK, is the leader of one of Poland's largest Holocaust remembrance groups. He's also a proponent of the theory that "leftist Jewish media" has spread misinformation regarding Poland's history of helping Jews during the Holocaust.

Daniels has been described as "the Israeli closest to Donald Trump" by the Jerusalem Post during the 2016 presidential campaign. As The Forward notes, Daniels, the head of the From The Depths nonprofit, has worked with both Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also appears to be taking money from Poland's hard-right government that's been accused of "turning a blind eye" to the country's anti-Semitism problem.

"There are Jews – left[ist] Jews - benefiting from the Holocaust," Daniels told Poland's state TV on October 14. "Leftist Jewish media continue to attack Poland and will continue to show Poland as a racist country. They profit by doing so.”

Daniels has claimed he never learned about Poles helping Jews during the Holocaust until he moved to the country, but as The Forward points out, there are organizations (like Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem) that have researched those connections "for decades."

In an August appearance on Fox & Friends, Daniels attacked Yad Vashem by saying they'd only begun researching non-Jewish Poles who sheltered and hid Jews from the Nazis -- despite their “Righteous Among the Nations” program, which researches that very history, being inaugurated in 1963.