Kentucky governor orders any officials who have settled sex harassment cases to resign
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

Kentucky's Republican Gov. Matt Bevin called on all elected and state officials who have settled claims of sexual harassment to resign their posts immediately, reported The Hill on Saturday.

Bevin held a press conference after news broke that the state's Republican Speaker of the House Rep. Jeff Hoover paid a confidential settlement to a female former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment.

"These allegations are, as I have said, reprehensible, they're indefensible, they're unacceptable. Period," Bevin said.

"Given the severity of these, the specificity of these, the nature of these, I am calling on the immediate and for the immediate resignation of every individual who has settled a sexual harassment case, who is party to trying to hide this type of behavior," the governor said.

Watch Bevin's news conference, embedded below: