'Low-level volunteer' Carter Page held high-level foreign policy meetings with Hungarian officials during campaign
Former Trump campaign foreign policy aide Carter Page (image via screengrab).

During a meeting to Budapest, Hungary in 2016 that Carter Page told Congress he "can't recall," the former Trump campaign aide met with two high-ranking Hungarian officials on campaign business.

According to an ABC News report, Page traveled to Budapest in September 2016 and met with Jeno Megyesy, an adviser to the Hungarian prime minister that supports both President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as Reka Szemerkenyi, who was Hungary's ambassador to the U.S. until earlier this year.

Megyesy confirmed to ABC that he met with Page at Ambassador Szemerkenyi's request, and that the American identified himself as a member of Trump's foreign policy team. The Hungarian prime minister's adviser said they spoke mostly about strained relations between Hungary and the U.S., and that Page didn't appear to be well-versed in the politics of the region.

Szemerkenyi also confirmed that she met with Page for coffee in Budapest, although it was neither their first nor last meeting -- they were introduced at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, and met again at an embassy event in Washington, D.C. in October.

When testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, Page said his memory of his September 2016 trip to Budapest was vague, and that although he remembered meeting with a Hungarian official, he didn't remember their name.

"You don’t remember the names of anyone you met with or what their positions were in the Hungarian government?" Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) asked him during Page's hearing at the end of October.

“Not right now,” Page told the Congressman. “I can’t recall.”