MSNBC panel rips Breitbart for attacking Roy Moore accusers: This is why women don't come forward
The Daily Beast's Sam Stein appears on "Kasie D.C." (Screen capture)

A panel on Kasie Hunt's new MSNBC series "Kasie D.C." expressed their disgust with the decision by to send operatives to Alabama to dig up dirt on the women accusing ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore of sexual advances when they were teens.

"We have a problem in this society with women feeling like they can't come out and explain what happened to them in the past for fear that there will be a tremendous amount of backlash," said Sam Stein of the The Daily Beast.

"And people always wonder, people are always asking these people, 'Why did you wait 40 years to talk about this?'" Stein continued. "Roy Moore himself said, 'Why did it take you this long to come forward?'"

"Well," he said. "Now we know why."

Watch the video, embedded below: