Ohio judge who boasted about sex conquests apologizes if he offended 'the wonderful women in my life'
Ohio Supreme Court justice and gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill (image via screengrab).

Ohio Democratic candidate for governor and sitting state Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill issued an apology on Saturday for boasting about his bedding of "50 very attractive females" -- then went on to congratulate himself for helping "elevate the discussion" about predatory sexual behavior by men.

According to The Hill, O'Neill published a Facebook post Saturday in which he said, "If I offended anyone, particularly the wonderful women in my life, I apologize."

He continued, "But if I have helped elevate the discussion on the serious issues of sexual assault, as opposed to personal indiscretions, to a new level...I make no apologies."

O'Neill leapt to the defense of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) on Friday in a bizarre Facebook post in which he boasted of having been "sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females."

“Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males,” O'Neill wrote, and was immediately blasted by criticism.

Cliff Clevenger  -- chief of staff to O'Neill's fledgling campaign for governor -- quit his job on the campaign Friday afternoon after reading the Facebook post.

He posted on Twitter that as a gay man and a survivor of sexual assault, he could not in good conscience continue to serve on the O'Neill campaign.