Oklahoma town’s 4th police chief of 2017 caught on camera making obscene gestures with teenage girls
Colbert Police Chief David Peterson "flipping the bird" alongside two teenage girls doing the same.

The fourth police chief hired by the Colbert, Oklahoma City Council so far in 2017 is already facing a scandal.

As Raw Story reported in August, newly-appointed Police Chief Bart Alsbrook was revealed to be a leader in the "Blood & Honour" skinhead organization and the owner of multiple racist websites.

Chief Alsbrook attempted to resign after being exposed for owning websites selling, “Hitler Youth, KKK, SS, swastika and confederate flags.” City Hall, however, wanted to keep him.

After continued community pressure, Alsbrook was finally ousted as chief. The Colbert City Council then hired David Peterson as the town's forth police chief in 2017.

A social media photo that went viral shows Chief Peterson sitting in his patrol car, flipping the bird at the camera, KXII reports. Standing next to the car are two teenage girls giving the same gesture, but with each girl using both hands.

Residents of the town are outraged, KXII reported.

"That's disgraceful, I mean, what kind of police department does that?" local resident Charles Davis asked.

"That is outrageous," resident Judy Noel said. "Our kids are worth more than that.