Tennessee mom & pop stores hope holiday sales will make up for business lost due to white supremacist rally
Murfreesboro protest -- screenshot

The mom & pop owners of small businesses in the historic central square in Murfreesboro, Tennessee are hoping that "Small Business Saturday" will make up for lost income due to a white supremacist rally that shut them down in late October.

According to WSMV, shop owners lost tens of thousands of dollars after police cordoned off the area for the weekend and businesses were forced to shut down over fears of violence.

As one small business owner explained, weekend business makes up 60 percent of her sales in a normal week meaning the white nationalists hurt her -- and her employees  -- in the wallet.

“You have just the change in seasons, so you have your fall clothes and then you are leading up to the holidays -- so yes, to lose a Saturday in October, especially the end of October, creates a major dent in your income for the month,” clothing store owner Terri Neely explained.

Ship owners weren't the only ones impacted with the town having to shell out for gas masks, additional police equipment and increased manpower.

For those who love their small town, the protest was discouraging and how how it impacted their friends who own local businesses even more so.

“It was very upsetting, so we try to support them before and after and we have supported them several times since then because we knew it was a big revenue loss for them,” said Jeannie Roberts, a local shopper.

“The people in Murfreesboro are tremendous," added Neely. "They came out and supported us the week leading up to it and the week after and I know they will be here again tomorrow."