The earthquake that hit the Delaware Bay Thursday afternoon ranked only 4.4 on the Richter Scale. While Californian’s might call it a hiccup and Oklahoman’s might call a fracking accident, Twitter’s jokes seemed limitless.

One person posted a photo of a rock hitting a pond and warned of the shocking tsunami. Another called it a simple vibration and that he knew instantly what it was. He called his survival of the great Delaware Bay earthquake of 2017 bad news for liberals. One graphic appeared that is frequently used when small quakes or minor natural disasters become major news. It features a plastic set of lawn furniture with a chair that has fallen over. "We will rebuild," the graphic is often captioned.

It's unclear if Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. felt the same quake or had their own nearby jitter. However, the Philadelphia Phillies‏ got in on the humor, claiming the cause was their mascot Phillie Phanatic falling over. Another person blamed it on former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, an attempt at a joke about the Republican's size. Others blamed President Donald Trump for no apparent reason, just because.

The best, however, came from those saying that it was the founding fathers collectively rolling over in their graves.

Then there were those who were more shocked over the fact that they live in the area and didn't feel a thing.

Here are more of the fun jokes below: