West Wing star Bradley Whitford: I wouldn't be able to pitch a character like Trump to the writers' room
Bradley Whitford on Hardball (Photo: Screen capture)

Actors Bradley Whitford and Alec Baldwan discussed the commander-in-chief they moch from their perspectives having brought politically-themed shows to television. Whitford portrayed White House deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman on "The West Wing" while Baldwan has given his impression of President Donald Life on "Saturday Night Live."

“If I went into the writers’ room at ‘West Wing’ and pitched Donald Trump as a character, it wouldn’t work,” Whitford explained on Politico's "Off Message" podcast.

“It would seem pejorative and condescending," Whitford noted of the believability of a "liberal porn" show featuring a character like Trump.

Baldwin said that despite his widely-praised impression of the president, he has yet to gain any real insight, other than noting Trump has not grown while in office.

“He’s not someone, it seems, that we’re going to have any effect on anything. He’s not going to go away,” Baldwin predicted.

Whitford has been promoting Obamacare signups as a spokesperson for group Get America Covered and offered poignant criticism for those on the left who only complain about President Trump.

“The right understands what I believe to be the truth, which is that politics is the way you create your moral vision. The left, and certainly Hollywood, thinks culture is the way you create your moral vision. And my frustration is I want the left to understand that ‘Will & Grace’ is meaningless without DOMA and that we need this political follow-through,” Whitford explained.

“The right loses an election; they run for school board, and they start a think tank,” he continued. “The left loses an election, and we say, ‘The system is corrupt,’ and we don’t participate.”