Yet another name emerges in Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting – casting more doubts on claim it was about adoption
Donald Trump Jr. (Screenshot/CNN)

A B-list talent agent connected to the Russian pop star that helped set up the infamous Trump Tower meeting between members of Donald Trump's campaign and a cadre of Russians was aware of the "dirt" the latter had on Hillary Clinton.

According to The Daily Beast, Roman Beniaminov, a real estate agent turned-pop manager, was close to the Azeri-Russian pop star Emin Agalarov who reportedly helped set up the meeting.

Beniaminov was reportedly the recipient of a call from Ike Kaveladze, one of the Russians who attended that meeting. Kaveladze's lawyer claims that his client thought he was only attending as a translator, but once he saw that then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort as well as Trump family members Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr. would be attending, he called the manager.

On that call, Beniaminov told Kaveladze that he'd heard British publicist Rob Goldstone, who was Agalarov's manager, discussing "dirt" on Clinton. The nature of that information, the Beast notes, remains unclear.

Kaveladze's lawyer also claimed that Beniaminov's comments about "dirt" on Clinton ran contrary to the meeting's stated purpose -- discussions about sanctions from the Magnitsky Act -- at the time he was invited.