Conservative author explains how Mike Pence's evangelical faith may compel him to kiss Trump's butt
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Vice President Mike Pence's brown-nosing of President Donald Trump earlier this week has been mocked throughout the political world -- and one conservative author thinks Pence may have theological reasons for showering the president with compliments.

Conservative Matt K. Lewis theorizes in the Daily Beast that "Pence’s evangelical faith (perhaps coupled with ambition) that gives him the peace to humbly submit himself."

What does this mean, exactly? After reading a lengthy profile of Pence written by The Atlantic's McKay Coppins, Lewis believes Pence sees himself as something of a "servant leader" who "humbly submits the work of his carnal hands to earthy authority in the same way that he submits his spirit to heavenly authority."

Essentially, Pence realizes that his flattery of Trump will give him more influence over the president's decision making -- which, in turn, will make him more likely to enact a godly agenda on issues important to social conservatives.

"Could it be that praising Trump is but a small price to pay for keeping the president on the straight and narrow?" Lewis wonders. "Perhaps Pence is making the ultimate sacrifice (his dignity!) in order to keep Trump’s agenda from veering into the fever swamps of nationalism."

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