Cop's wife gets in trouble for Facebook rant about 'filthy n*ggers' -- but she insists she was hacked
Surprised woman looking at laptop (Shutterstock)

A Florida police officer's wife was seemingly caught posting a racist rant on Facebook -- but she's claiming that her account was hacked.

Local news station NBC 2 reports that the Lee County Sheriff's Department is investigating whether Linda Deverso-Pakulis, the wife of the department's Lt. Chip Pakulis, was really behind a racist post that appeared on her Facebook account over the weekend.

Deverso-Pakulis' Facebook page posted a video of a brawl that occurred at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida. In addition to posting the video, the account also displayed a racist rant against black people as commentary on the video.

"Filthy n*ggers!" the post began. "If they aren't killing each other in Lehigh then they are shopping and spending government money at the Edison! And they wonder why everyone picks on them? Watch the video! Send them back to Africa! World peace with then begin!"

However, Deverso-Pakulis subsequently notified her friends that her account had been compromised, and she said that she would be removing herself from social media until the issue of how her account had been hacked had been resolved.

"Late last night someone posted under my name comments regarding an altercation that took place at the Edison Mall," she wrote. "As a result I notified Facebook that my account was compromised and I deactivated the account at that time. I am appalled about the comments that were made, neither I nor my family share these beliefs. As a result of this, after today, I will be removing myself from social media."