Drunken woman destroys $300,000 of Trump donor’s valuable art collection during first-date freakout
Rick Perry, Donald Trump and and Tony Buzbee (Facebook)

A Texas woman is accused of destroying at least $300,000 of artwork belonging to a wealthy Donald Trump supporter during a first date gone wrong.

Lindy Lou Layman was charged with criminal mischief after an incident Saturday at the Houston home of attorney Tony Buzbee, reported KTRK-TV.

According to investigators, the 29-year-old Layman got drunk while on a date with Buzbee, who has represented former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and raised money for Trump's election campaign, and returned to his home with others.

Buzbee believed she was too intoxicated and called an Uber driver to pick her up, but she allegedly refused and hid in the attorney's home.

He called a second Uber driver, but investigators said Layman became aggressive with that driver and walked back into Buzbee's home, where she shouted, "I'm not leaving."

Layman then poured red wine on three paintings, including an Andy Warhol original, and ripped them from the wall.

She also threw two sculptures on the ground.

Court documents show damage to the artwork cost at least $300,000.

“I collect art, I don’t want it damaged," Buzbee told Texas Lawyer. She also pulled a Renoir and a Monet off the wall. Luckily those weren’t damaged.”

Buzbee led the defense team in Perry's abuse-of-power case, which was eventually dismissed.

He hosted a June 2016 fundraiser for Trump at his home, which raised at least $2 million, but Buzbee claimed just before the election he would write in another candidate after the "Access Hollywood" tape came out.

Buzbee made news in September after buying a fully functional World War II tank for $600,000 and parking it outside his River Oaks condominium, angering neighbors and the homeowners' association.

He also urged students and community members to ignore a white supremacist rally organized by Richard Spencer at Texas A&M, where Buzbee serves on the board of regents.

"It is a damn shame that our university, which sent more officers to fight the Nazis than all the service academies combined, would be tarnished with trash like him," Buzbee posted on Facebook. "In the end, the best way to deal with a lowlife like him is to ignore him."