Female Roy Moore official sends out last minute talking point memo on how to discredit sex abuse accusers
Roy Moore (CNN screengrab)

As the clock ticks down to Tuesday's election in Alabama that pits Democrat Doug Jones against accused sexual predator Roy Moore for a U.S. Senate seat, a top Moore official has sent out a secret memo that provides talking points to supporters on how to discredit his accusers.

According to Vox, they were mistakenly sent the memo that details at length how to call Moore's accusers liars by nitpicking at their claims with trivial details while blaming the controversy on "fake news" - a favorite complaint of President Donald Trump for news he doesn't like.

According to the document that Moore’s deputy campaign manager Hannah Ford sent attached to an email to staff and volunteers,"We have prepared a primer that lists the ‘fake news’ put out by four women followed by some of the evidence and responses that has been uncovered and that show the claims to be entirely false.”

Vox reports that talking points borrow liberally from reports at Breitbart News which is helmed by Moore supporter Steve Bannon.

Despite contemporaneous corroboration for over thirty friends and associates of the victims, the memo uses small unsubstantiated details such as the restaurant where Beverly Young Nelson worked reportedly didn't employ anyone under 15 at the time --even though she said she was 16 at the time.

The document, which uses hyperlinks for back-up, leads to conservative news sites besides Breitbart, such as right-wing outlet One America News Network, the Washington Times and claims made on Moore's own campaign website.

You can read the entire document here.