Here are the 6 most hilarious people Alabamans voted for instead of Roy Moore
Beyonce Knowles (left, via Wikimedia Commons), Mickey Mouse (middle, via Creative Commons) and Jesus Christ (right, via Creative Commons) were all candidates written in in Alabama's special Senate race.

Now that Judge Roy Moore will officially not be Alabama's next senator, all the write-in votes for the state's controversial special Senate election to fill now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions' vacant seat are even more hilarious.

Here's six of the best write-ins below.

1. Mickey Mouse


A total of six Alabamans dissatisfied with the two major party candidates and Libertarian Ron Bishop cast ballots for the world-famous mouse. Given his steadfast leadership of Disney theme parks around the world, it's not hard to see why voters would prefer him to Moore.

2. Ghost of Stonewall Jackson

Despite Confederate generals being a controversial subject, one fed-up Alabaman voted not only for famous Confederate general Stonewall Jackson, but specifically for his ghost.

3. Beyoncé


She may hail from the nearby state of Texas, but there's ample reason to believe that Queen Bey would better serve the state of Alabama than a credibly accused pedophile. Indeed, her daddy hails from the state as well.

4. Jesus Christ

11 Alabamans preferred Jesus Christ to his supposed follower Moore.

5. Decent Republican Candidate & A Normal Republican, Please

Dyed-in-the-wool Republicans faced a difficult dilemma in the special Senate election — vote for a GOP pedophile, or vote for a Democrat. At least two took the apparent high road by voting for "Decent Republican Candidate" and "A Normal Republican, Please."

6. Not Listed Due to Graphic Language 

Three voters wrote in apparent expletives that the state categorized as "Not Listed Due to Graphic Language." We feel you there, Alabama.