Houston cops arrest man with cache of guns and ammo in his room hours before hotel’s New Year’s Eve party
Police line tape (Shutterstock)

Police in Houston on Sunday said that they arrested a man staying at a downtown hotel who had a cache of guns and ammunition rounds in his room just hours before a New Year's Eve party was scheduled to take place.

Local news station KHOU reports that police were first alerted to the man by employees at the Houston Hyatt Regency who called to complain about him being drunk and behaving belligerently.

When a police officer arrived at the man's room and asked him to leave the hotel, he noticed several guns inside the room. Upon seeing the weapons, the officer called for backup, and the man was arrested and charged with trespassing and and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

According to the Houston Chronicle, police found an AR-15 rifle, a shotgun and a handgun in the man's room.

The Hyatt Regency says that it is still planning to have its New Year's Eve party, however it has posted added security at the event in the wake of the man's arrest.