Records reveal Trump didn't always hate the FBI
Former FBI director James Comey and President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture and Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

When President Donald Trump was working to establish his Atlantic City casino, he was working with the FBI as he was faced with the mob controlling the city.

According to internal FBI memos posted by MSNBC contributor Scott Dworkin, Trump once trusted the FBI enough to work with them against the mob in Atlantic City before building his casino. Trump even urged them to use undercover agents in his casino once it was built.

This news comes amid Trump's Twitterstorm Sunday attacking the Bureau and former FBI Director James Comey.

According to the memo, Trump "had reservations about building a casino in Atlantic City," and advised agents he had read in the news that organized crime was running the city. He also claimed that he was concerned about tarnishing his family's name by subjecting them to microscopic examination by the attorney general.

The New Jersey attorney general typically scrutinized casino applicants for a year prior to issuing a license. The 35-year-old Trump begged to give him just six months, because he was far too young to have developed sketchy relationships with the mob. Three years prior, however, Trump hired mobbed-up development firms to help build Trump Tower and Trump Plaza, Politico reported.

"Agents advised Trump that he should carefully think over his decision to build in Atlantic City, and carefully prepare not only methods of securing employees' honesty, but also corporate integrity," the FBI memo said. "Trump advised that he wished to cooperate with the FBI if he did decide to build a casino. The agents that were present advised although they were not in the position to speak for the FBI, or to guarantee anything, that if he in fact wished to build in Atlantic City and decided firmly on this matter, they would be glad to re-discuss the situation without making any commitments."

When the Trumps decided to move forward, the FBI met with them a second time and the family agreed that they'd cooperate fully with the investigators and be transparent about their contractors. Trump also asked for the FBI's opinion on whether he should build in the city. The investigator told Trump that they would research the issue and get back to him. The FBI investigator then initiated the Newark Office and the Atlantic City Resident Agency to begin developing a proposal for doing undercover work in the Trump casino.

Trump reached out to the FBI to get their judgement on contractors and businesses, but the FBI couldn't give him many answers.

"Writer and Case Agent have repeatedly told Trump that they were not references for source and cannot speak for source's business dealings," the FBI memo outlined. "The Trumps have advised writer and Case Agent that the source is involved as a labor consultant to their firm. They are aware that this is a very rough business and that source knows people, some of whom may be unsavory by the simple nature of the business."

The Trump's World Fair Casino was ultimately demolished. Harrah’s at Trump Plaza opened in 1984 and the Trump Taj Mahal opened in 1990. Trump Plaza closed in 2014 and Trump demanded his name be removed from the building because they were too shabby.

The Trump Taj Mahal ultimately went bankrupt, yet, somehow Trump still made millions off of the project.

Read the full memos in the scans below: