Texas doctor opens can of whoop-ass on GOP lawmakers for treating needy kids like 'health care freeloaders'
Mother holds crying infant (Shutterstock)

Dr. Rachel Pearson, a pediatrics resident in Texas, blasted Republican lawmakers for refusing to fund a decades-old health insurance program for poor children.

Pearson's remarks came in a tongue-in-cheek Texas Observer op-ed titled, "As a Doctor, I’m Sick of All The Health Care Freeloaders."

"I used to believe that everyone deserved health care," she writes sarcastically. "Now, I work in a clinic where the vast majority of my patients are on government-funded health care. I have learned that the stereotypes about these people are true: Most of my patients have never worked a day in their lives."

The faux screed continues:

Sometimes, I have to bribe my patients with bright-colored objects, juice or graham crackers just to examine them. Do my patients thank me? Do they contribute to the economy? No!

They just suck up low-cost health care, whining the whole time, and then go pick up their free government milk. Often, they are literally carried from place to place in the arms of a real taxpayer.

As a pediatrician, I provide these scowling little freeloaders with life-saving therapies like vaccinations and antibiotics. I test their hearing and make sure any hearing loss is caught while it can still be corrected. I make sure kids with developmental delays get into therapy early so they’re ready to compete by the time they reach kindergarten.

Do they utter a word of gratitude? No! Not unless their mom or dad tells them to.

On a more serious note, Pearson points out that the Children’s Health Plan (CHIP) is the only source of health care for millions of poor children across the country.

"CHIP covers 8.9 million children nationwide, and Congress has so far failed to fund the program for next year. If stopgap funding isn’t found soon, more than 450,000 kids in Texas alone will lose access to health care on February 1. Apparently the state plans to send a letter to these kids on December 22, right before Christmas, announcing the cuts," Pearson concludes. "Letting more American children die preventable deaths will send a strong message to kids across the country: Pull your thumbs out of your mouths, get potty-trained and GET A JOB!"

President Donald Trump has reportedly proposed drastic cuts to children's health care funding to help pay for a tax cut that will benefit large corporations among others.