White House strategy meeting erupted when Corey Lewandowski yelled at everyone in the room: report
Corey Lewandowski appears on "The View" (Photo: Screen capture)

A White House meeting about strategy for the mid-term elections erupted in a noisy argument when former manager to President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign Corey Lewandowski bawled out presidential advisers and accused the White House of being too "insular," said a late-breaking story in the New York Times on Thursday.

Maggie Haberman spoke to unnamed officials who were at the Wednesday meeting, which was reportedly attended by Lewandowski, Pres. Trump, White House chief of staff John Kelly, senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, communications director Hope Hicks and White House political director Bill Stepien.

Lewandowski railed against the Republican National Committee and Mr. Stepien's operation, while one attendee said, "Mr. Lewandowski lashed out at nearly every department but the political shop."

"Mr. Lewandowski called the White House team too insular, and he said it had done little to tend to fellow Republicans or to conduct outreach with outside groups and supporters," the Times said.

Trump -- reportedly stinging from dual losses by candidates he endorsed in Virginia and Alabama -- appeared to agree with Lewandowski's dressing-down of the president's circle of advisers, although Kelly was reportedly "put off" by the former campaign manager's statements.

Lewandowski and Stepien squared off after the meeting outside the Oval Office, then "continu(ed) the exchange elsewhere on the White House grounds. They eventually reached a cordial place, three people briefed on the exchange said."

Stepien reportedly called America First Policies on Thursday morning -- the pro-Trump PAC that currently employs Lewandowski -- and asked that their attorney appear at all future briefings with Lewandowski.