Alex Jones partners with bestselling author on new book — and says reading it is 'like the moment you discovered sex'
Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

InfoWars' Alex Jones is penning a new book with New York Times-bestselling author Neil Strauss on "the secret history of the modern world."

CNN got a hold of the 27-page prospectus for Jones' book, whose working title is "The Secret History of the Modern World & the War for the Future." The book is supposedly "about the front lines of the war for your mind," and does not shy away from Jones' reputation as a conspiracy theorist.

"Who doesn't want to read some of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time—and then be shocked by the annotations to find out that...they're all true," the proposal reads. "Because there is a conspiracy that, no matter who you are, you have to admit is true."

The chapters will reportedly be categorized chronologically as "the past, the present and the future," and the proposal promises that what they reveal "will be like the moment you first discovered sex or the Internet or quantum physics."

The proposal offers a "simple example" of the way Jones plans on using his unique rhetoric style to draw readers in.

"The headline: Aliens are living among us," the proposal reads. "Sounds preposterous. Sounds wacky. Sounds like something from a supermarket tabloid. But here's the logic: 1. Scientists have cloned sheep. Fact. 2. Scientists have created hybrid human-pigs. Fact. 3. These are not creatures of the natural world. They've been invented by science. They are alien to us. 4. Thus, they are aliens. And aliens are living among us.

"Are you starting to get it yet?" the proposal asks.