Iowa teen considers running for office -- but her Trump-loving dad won't vote for her
A Trump supporter demonstrates in New York City (Shutterstock).

Seventeen-year-old Iowa resident Lilly Miller is contemplating a run for political office -- but she can't count on the vote of her own father.

BuzzFeed reports that Lilly's father, Mike Miller, voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 -- and he's not going to back his liberal daughter if she wants to enter politics.

"We don’t agree on anything," he told her when she first expressed an interest in running. "Why would I vote for you?"

Nonetheless, Miller tells BuzzFeed that he won't try to stop his daughter from seeking elected office if that's what she wants to do.

"More power to her," he says. "Because whether she agrees with me or not, her time spent with me is going to rub off on her, is going to affect how she makes decisions in the future."

Lilly, however, was unbowed by the lack of support from her own father, and simply stopped talking to him for a while after he informed her of his decision. And even though the two are once again on speaking terms, she says she's given up any hope that she might be able to change his mind about backing Trump.

"If he wouldn’t even vote for his own daughter, there’s no way I was gonna be able to convince him otherwise on anything," she tells BuzzFeed.

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