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Joy Reid rails against the Republican Party: They’re ‘dead from a moral point of view’



MSNBC’s Joy Reid finds the Republican Party to be morally bankrupt.

In an interview with SiriusXM Radio host Dean Obeidallah, Reid explained that the GOP has essentially sold out on its principals when President Donald Trump was elected.

“The Republican Party is dead from a moral point of view and has been since they threw in their lot in with Trump,” Reid told Obeidallah.

“They lined up behind him [Trump] like the North Korean military,” she continued. “They march behind him in lock step as if Trump and his family are the Romanovs and they are the Politburo.”

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has decided it will support whomever they’re required to, so long as they get their tax cut.

“They are behaving [Congressional Republicans] like the Soviet Kremlin…it’s pathetic,” Reid said. “The [GOP] Party has died long ago and they are just dragging their corpses through the graveyard trying to pick up as many pennies from the tax cut and kill as many social programs as they can on the way to the political grave.”


Listen to the full interview below:

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Ex-prosecutor explains why Trump feels like he can lie about Robert Mueller



On Wednesday, former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Trump is everything he accuses special counsel Robert Mueller of being — and he feels confident in gaslighting the American people because he knows no one has the ability to challenge him on it.

"The president falsely accused Mueller of illegally deleting anti-Trump text messages between two former FBI employees," said Blitzer. "In fact, those messages were wiped from government phones by the Justice Department in accordance with longstanding department policy. What's your reaction to that baseless, personal attack from the president on Mueller?"

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Soccer star slams Trump for attacking her teammate: He hates women he ‘cannot control or grope’



On Wednesday, U.S. Women's Soccer champion Ali Krieger rebuked President Donald Trump for his attacks on her teammate Megan Rapinoe, saying that the president feels threatened by women that he "cannot control or grope":

In regards to the “President’s” tweet today, I know women who you cannot control or grope anger you, but I stand by @mPinoe & will sit this one out as well. I don’t support this administration nor their fight against LGBTQ+ citizens, immigrants & our most vulnerable.

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2020 Election

Bernie Sanders: ‘I intend to be the Democratic nominee’



Bernie Sanders intends to be the 2020 Democratic nominee - and he's not planning to back down anytime soon. Not even with 23 other Democratic presidential hopefuls in the running alongside him.

MSNBC's Kasie Hunt spoke with Sanders for an interview prior to the first Democratic debate night where he plainly said, "I intend to be the Democratic nominee."

In the interview, Sanders also discussed his plan to end student loan debt and Medicare for all. But before that, he said there was another pressing issue.

"Our goal right now is to win it," Sanders said. "And by the way, as you you may know, poll after poll shows what against Trump? Shows me beating Trump by 8, 9 or 10 points. We're going to beat Trump, we're going to win the Democratic nomination."

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