Language professor trashes Trump as having less forethought than 'my cat and my forks, knives and spoons'
Columbia University linguistics professor John McWhorter (Photo: Screen capture)

Linguistics Professor John McWhorter of Columbia University told CNN's Don Lemon Friday that there was no way to take what Trump said about "sh*thole countries" as anything but racist.

"It's quite clear that he sees black people as lesser," McWhorter said. "It's a combination of these things. Now, let's face it, when he calls Haiti and El Salvador and Africa a 'sh*thole places,' a canny person usually from the right wing might say he could have said that about a white place like Moldova."

McWhorter noted that the American public has listened to Trump for several years and it's more than clear that Trump has a "racist bias."

"This is the sad thing about it," he continued. "It's one thing for him to feel that way and say things like that over Thanksgiving dinner, but imagine, for someone to feel that way about places like Haiti and Africa that have been through that much, if you're thinking about history it rather than the president as if you were some butterfly or amoeba, then even if you're thinking it, you're not going to say it. The lack of control in this person who considers himself the person with the bigger button, et cetera, is truly alarming."

He went on to say that his 3-year-old daughter has more forethought than the Commander in Chief. "As does my cat and as do several of my forks, knives and spoons. It's alarming, yes. He's a racist, but couldn't he hide it? We have a child, a lower mammal running the United States."

Lemon put up the list of Trump's comments that tend toward racist language and asked the professor to analyze the word choice of Trump's.

"Frankly, the words we're talking about say this is somebody who thinks white people are better than other people," McWhorter continued. "It's not just one statement, all of the canny sorts of things his supporters are going to say about how you might possibly interpret the things he said yesterday don't matter because it's at the point where weave an aggregation of insights from this man."

He noted that what alarms him more than the lack of forethought is Trump's historic ignorance.

"For example, let's say you think black people are lesser and let's say you're also going to talk about it in public," he continued. "One thing that might hold you back from that is knowing about the history. For example, Haiti and Africa, they have had many problems. Haiti had a little thing called an earthquake, for example. Immigration, 'why are we taking all these people from wherever?' Well immigration is what America is based on, and generally when they emigrate is because the place where they came for had some problems."

He went through Trump's family history from Germany and what people were called coming from that area as a way to illustrate that Trump is the same as those fighting for a better life today.

Watch the full analysis below: